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Employee Retires After 53 Years

Brookville, PA (December 30, 2016) – On Friday, December 30th, 2016, Brookville Glove announces the retirement of an employee.

Mary Waldorf has been with Brookville Glove for 53 years. She announced earlier this month that December 30th would be her last day at Brookville Glove.

Throughout her 53 years at Brookville Glove she went through the transition to a new facility and new management. When she first interviewed for her position at Brookville Glove, the management team then was hesitant upon hiring her due to her being left handed and the skills needed for the job. Well, 53 years later Mary is one of the best sewers Brookville Glove has ever had and one of the most productive employees.

It goes without saying Mary will be greatly missed. Brookville Glove has started the search for Marys’ replacement when she announced her plan for retirement but no one will be able to fill her shoes.

Brookville Gloves management team want to wish Mary the best of luck and many years of happiness.


About Brookville Glove

Brookville Glove is a skilled manufacturer with 131 years of service and also an experienced distributor within the industry. We provide superior hand protection for both on and off the job. For many generations, our products have been the choice for a variety of people, such as ironworkers, welders, glass plant employees, construction companies, farmers, oil/gas drilling labors, and lumber handling use. Our technical services include glove to job compatibility analysis and custom manufacturing. In addition, we offer you the choice to get your gloves hooked and tagged for your retail business. Custom printing with your company logo on any pair of gloves is also available...



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