PRICED PER PAIR!!!Limited supply available! American Made gardening glove! Perfect for you Springtime yard chores! All sales are FINAL.


Size Large. Glove is a 7 gauge cotton/polyester blend. It is considered to be a heavy weight glove and is natural and hemmed. Sold by the PAIR! Online ONLY.


MCR Safety Ninja® gloves are engineered to provide the highest level of innovation. Each of the offerings in the Ninja® series include a unique shell and polymer combination incorporating the latest in hand protection technology. Our Ninja® Glove Line offers the greatest assortment of dexterity, sense of touch, and protection. The Ninja® Lite features an 18 gauge blue nylon shell and black PU coated palm and fingertips.


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Glove is a fully coated nitrile glove. It comes with a 100% cotton interlock lining and a knit wrist cuff. It has a CE Score of 3111. Sold by the PAIR! Online ONLY.

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Glove has a textured latex palm. The fingertips are dipped and it is made out of 10 gauge cotton/polyester shell. Sold by the PAIR! Online ONLY.

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Glove is an 8 oz. dotted cotton canvas glove. It has comes with a knit wrist and has a clute pattern and a straight thumb. Sold by the PAIR! Online ONLY.

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Size Large. Glove is a brown jersey glove. It has a knit wrist with a clute pattern and plastic dots. Sold by the PAIR! Online ONLY.

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