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March 2016 Newsletter

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Message from the CEO

As the busy winter season slows down, Brookville Glove is already preparing for the 2016 winter season. In order to prepare for the 2016 winter season, Brookville Glove will forecast their American made glove manufacturing to better meet the needs of our loyal customers. We plan to make 2016 the year of the customer, everything we do will be to improve customer satisfaction. Brookville Glove thrives on the quality of our gloves and on our customer service.

We will be implementing a monthly sales flier to better reach all of our customers and provide them with our sale and promotional product offers. .

Brookville Glove will also be introducing the redesigned Band Top style gloves. This redesign will improve the wear of the beloved glove style.

To better understand the needs and wants of our customers we will be mailing out customer satisfaction surveys. The information we obtain from the surveys will enable us to better serve our customers.

I am looking forward to the year we have ahead of us here at Brookville Glove.

 Band Top Glove Redesigned

Brookville Glove is excited to announce the redesign of their beloved Band Top gloves. This will be the first major redesign of a glove Brookville has ever done.

The redesign of the band top style glove is to make the life of the cuff longer. It will also make the removal of the glove easier.

This change to the Band Top design will also make the glove easier to produce, therefor Brookville Glove will be able to get the product out in a much quicker time and will make the production process of these gloves more efficient.

 Christmas Party 2015

This year Brookville Glove’s     annual Christmas Party was held at the Bellamauro in Reynoldsville, Pa. Brookville Gloves sister company, Utilities & Industries, joined them this year. Everyone went home with a Christmas present, sweatshirt, and a ham.

Brookville Glove likes to hold these parties every year as a token of our appreciation for all of our employees hard work and dedication. Without them Brookville Glove would not exist.


 Sales Flier Launch

Brookville Glove will be starting up a monthly sales flier. The sales flier will include gloves at blow out sales prices. Brookville Glove often has seconds in there staples brands, and extras of imported products they distribute that many customers do not know about yet.

Brookville Glove hopes to use the Sales Flier as a tool for getting information out to customers who do not like to use the internet.

All items on the monthly flier will correspond with sale items on the website for those who do not receive the hard copy in the mail.

Customer Opinions Matter

As Brookville Glove grows as a company, they continue to think in innovative ways to keep ALL customers happy.

Starting in March Brookville Glove will be giving their customers the opportunity to fill out a Customer Satisfaction Survey, Brookville Glove will use the responses of the survey to improve their Customer Service and improve their product itself.

As a company Brookville Glove wants their clientele to know they listen to all of their customers thoughts and concerns, and are always looking to improve.

Whether you are an Iron Worker, Steel Worker, Welder, Construction Worker, Farmer, or someone who just buys a pair of Brookville Gloves to   tinker in the garage with, your opinions are valued and always will matter to the company.

American Made Since 1883

When Brookville Glove says their brands are “American Made” , they truly mean they are “American Made”. Everything that goes into a Brookville Glove is made in the U.S. right down to thread. Unlike some of our competitors Brookville Glove does NOT make the gloves overseas and market them as American Made. All of Brookville Gloves staple brands are sewn and packaged right in the little town of Brookville, Pa.

Many people underestimate the importance of an American Made product, not only is the product your receiving the best quality, but you as a consumer are   supporting a stable economy.

Brookville Glove often gets complaints about their pricing be higher as their   competitors. But when you a purchase a Brookville Glove at that higher cost your gloves will last at least twice as long as the cheaper alternative. That price our customers are paying is supporting American jobs, is supporting safe working conditions, child labor laws, and is promising a better future for generations to come.

Brookville Glove looks forward to manufacturing our product for years to come in America. We can guarantee once you try an “American Made” product you will have a very difficult time going back to the cheaper import alternative.






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