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December 2015 Newsletter

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Message from the CEO

As 2015 is quickly coming to an end , I would like to thank all of our loyal customers, without you Brookville Glove would of not had another very successful year. Through our marketing campaign we have obtained new customers throughout the United States. We hope to reach out to new customers and continue this growth by attending more trade shows throughout the year.
We recently have recruited a new Production Supervisor. Rita was a previous sewer here at Brookville Glove and she has worked her way up to this new position. We have also been working hard to improve our Custom Printing, by adding new colors and a different kind of ink.
Brookville Glove also brought back the Gurly Bear Breast Cancer Campaign, and I am very happy to report it is was another successful year and we are looking forward to bringing it back again next year.
I wish everyone a happy holiday season and I look forward to keeping everyone informed in 2016!

Anniversary Picnic

Since moving in 2013 we have  started a tradition with our employees. Every September we do a catered picnic for our entire staff. We feel this a great way to give back and say thank you for all of their hard work.  We are already looking forward to next Septembers picnic.

New Van

In the beginning of September Brookville Glove got a new delivery van! We wanted a more reliable vehicle to deliver to local customers. This new van will ensure that customers will get their gloves in a timely manner. 

Introducing the 58KSJ

Due to high customer demand, Brookville Glove now sells the Red Star (58KS) in an extra large! Brookville Glove is always looking for ways to make our customers happy. This glove is available for purchase.

Glove Sale 2015

During the first weekend of October, Brookville Glove brought back the Glove Sale. People in the community have always looked forward to this sale in the past and Brookville Glove wanted to bring it back to life. This was the first glove sale in our new facility. This was also the first year to have the sale on a Saturday.
The sale was a huge  success and Brookville Glove management is already planning another sale for next year. Brockville Glove is always looking for opportunities to please our customers. 

Food Drive 2015

To kick off the holiday season, Brookville Glove had a food drive for the entire month of November. Brookville Glove and its employees wanted to get involved and give back to the community. Employees were asked to bring in canned food items or non-perishable food items, for every item an employee brought in they received a chance on a gift basket. The winner was picked on November 30th, and the food items were donated to a local food bank. 

Special Online Offers

Brookville Glove is looking to continue their online stores growth. In order to do this we are planning to have special offers and sales throughout the year on our website.
We understand as a company that our prices are a bit higher due to the high quality of our American Made products, so in order to help our customers financially we decided to do sales on our website store. Brookville Glove values every single one of our customers and is always looking for innovative ways to please them.  

Gurly Bear 2015

During the month of October, Brookville Glove brought back the Gurly Bear. It was another successful year for the campaign. Brookville Glove raised $200 for the local cancer center (Hahne). We are looking forward to bringing back the Gurly Bear next October and continue the awareness of the campaign and raise money for a great cause. 


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