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April 2015 Newsletter


Message from CEO

Brookville Glove has been working countless hours to prepare for the National Hardware Show in LasVegas this coming May. Due to the amount of people attending this event, we needed to make sure we were over prepared. Below is one of our signage and we are pleased with how it turned out! This is just one of three signage we had created for this specific show.

In addition to preparing for the show, we have been expanding upon our construction customer database due to the warmer weather approaching us. If you’re in the construction business, retrieve more information by reading more about the campaign further on in the newsletter or calling Brookville Glove at 814.849.7324.


Safety is #1 Priority

In addition to our American Made Gloves, we have other products to keep you protected while on the job! In addition to our glove line, we carry safety glasses, safety vests, respirators, fire resistant, hardhats and many others.

If you would like to see the different safety products we carry, visit But, also be sure to check our AMERICAN MADE Glove Brands at This will help you choose the best glove in the industry you work in.


Sale Item this Month

This will probably be the LAST month we feature this sale item,990GE!
We only have 45 DOZEN left in stock Get them today before they are gone.
ONLY $19.99 per dozen!


Featured Product

Our featured product this month is our, Heat Gard, 23NOG Brand. The Heart Gard, 23NOG is one of two in this brand. This particular glove has a different cuff than the other glove we manufacture. This glove can be used for in the steel welding and ironworking industry.  

This Heart Gard glove is Made in the USA out of quilted American Made 24 oz. white cotton material. It has a safety stitched gauntlet cuff and comes with a knuckle strap for added safety.


Ironworker Festival

Brookville Glove would like to announce that we will be attending the International Ironworkers Festival 2015! We are becoming a vendor and will be there August 7th, 8th and 9th in Mackinaw City, Michigan. So, if you’re an Ironworker and attending this year we’re excited to meet you all! In presence, we will have the American Made, Red Star 58KS available for purchase! There’s a special promotion for this specific weekend! Stay tuned for more information in the coming months!


Learn about our Flamemaster, 23NOG

This Flamemaster Glove is made in the USA out of American Made 24 oz. heavy duty white cotton material. This particular glove has a gauntlet cuff and a heel pad on the palm for added comfort and protection against heat. It is only available in one size.
The Flamemaster Gloves are popular with ironworkers, welders, machinists, construction workers and steel workers, steel fabricators and etc.



Reaching out to Construction Workers

Due to the popularity of one our most popular American Made Brand Glove, in the Construction Industry we have decided to expand our Construction Company database.
To further reach construction workers and companies, we have expanded our marketing campaign and have decided to focus strictly on this type of industry work. Samples and descriptions of the Burly Bear 69K have been provided to various companies in all types of construction work.
If you’re commercial construction, residential construction, road construction, or engage with heavy duty work  on a daily basis and would like to test a sample of our glove give us a call at 814.849.7334 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.








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