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March 2015 Newsletter


Message from the CEO

The past couple of weeks we have been renovating and organizing our front office and factory store to prepare for the year 2015. With our clients and customers in mind, Brookville Glove wanted  to provide a more convenient way to display and make readily available our American Made Gloves and safety products. To accomplish this, we brainstormed different ideas and came up with what you see pictured below. With the new display racks and different layout we have expanded the space and created more room for inventory out on the floor. If you live in the area, you will have to stop by and check out the new and improved factory store! You  will now see all of our brands being displayed.

In other news, we are still preparing for the biggest trade show of the year! We have been working on videos, marketing materials, signage and many other aspects to market our 100% American Made Gloves. We have also finalized the decision to bring a very popular glove that peaks a lot of companies interest! But, we aren't going to release full details until our next newsletter.  There may be details provided before then, so keep checking our website and social media sites to find out when we will release the information. You will want to stay tuned for that! Also, be sure to visit the and find the Brookville Glove Profile to get more details on the other brands we will be displaying alongside our Burly Bear.

All in all, everything has been coming together smoothly and we’re ecstatic to soon reveal everything we have been preparing in our marketing spectrum. 


Sale Item

Item: 990GE
Price: $19.99





40 Day Challenge

Here at Brookville Glove, we started a 40 Day Challenge to render healthy eating habits and get exercising into our everyday routine. To motivate our employees and co-workers we decided to make the healthy habits frenzy into a challenge. On February 18, 2015 was the beginning of the challenge and our first Company weigh in. The person who loses the most weight and body fat in the 40 days will win $100. We’re excited to see everyone so motivated to get healthy and we cannot wait to see everyone’s transformation. The challenge we implemented is not mandatory, but encouraged to get a lot of people involved.


Featured Product

Our featured glove this month is our Burly Bear, 69B Brand. The Burly Bear 69B is one of four in this brand. This particular glove has a different cuff than the other three Burly Bear Gloves we manufacture.  This glove can be used for farming, construction, welding and general labor.
This Burly Bear glove is made in the USA out of quilted American Made 18 oz. gold and white cotton material. It is double palmed with a cotton liner with an overcast safety cuff. It is a one size fits all glove.



Learn about our Heftee, 72B Brand

This Heftee glove is made in the USA out of American made 22 oz. white cotton material. This glove is double palmed and is a twill out glove with a hemmed bandtop cuff.
The Heftee Gloves are hemmed with various styles of cuffs. This glove can be used for anything dealing with heavy duty work, such as; factory workers, steal workers, iron workers, and construction.




Free Sample

Our marketing campaign has kicked off in full gear! We have been targeting ironworkers and welding companies. If you are either of these industries and would like to be included in our mailing call us today at 814.849.7324 and we will send you a free sample to test out!






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