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February 2015 Newsletter



Message from the Chief Executive Officer

We’re excited to be kicking off the new year with a bang! Our marketing campaign has hit full force with the different types of industries we have been approaching. The industries we are focusing on we have as customers, but we wanted to expand our database by who would benefit from protecting their hands with our 100% American Made Gloves. We developed this background according to the statistics we have gathered with each individual brand. For example, the type of cuff and palm of the glove that is more popular with different industries, such as, construction, ironworkers, welders and so much more! You can visit our website to see our 6 brands and the popular industries that use each one at

Another event we are excited to announce, Brookville Glove will be attending the National Hardware Show this coming May in Las Vegas! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the show to showcase our American Made Brands. Be sure to continue on in this Newsletter to get all the details on our Las Vegas trip.


Sale Item This Month

Sale Item

Item: 990GE

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We’re Heading to Las Vegas

As stated in our January Newsletter, we wanted to showcase our business at the forefront by attending the appropriate trade shows to showcase our American Made Products.

We’re excited to announce that Brookville Glove will be attending the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV from May 5th to May 7th.

At the event, Brookville Glove will have a 10 foot X 10 foot booth space in the Made in the USA, Hardware and Tools Section on the second floor. The company has a corner space at booth number 36091. In addition to having a booth space, Brookville Glove will be displaying their American Made Brand, the Burly Bear Glove, in the Made in the USA Product Display section.

In addition to showcasing their current brands, Brookville Glove will be introducing 2 new products to their line of American Made Gloves! Details of these products will be announced at a future date.

Brookville Glove is excited to be attending their first National Hardware Show and networking with all of the different vendors! To stay up to date with our current events and news releases leading up to the event, be sure to tune into our twitter page @BrookvilleGlove.

For more information about the event, visit their website at


Learn about our Heftee Brand, 72K

This Heftee glove is made in the USA out of American made 22 oz. white cotton material. This glove is double palmed and is a twill out glove with a knit wrist.

The Heftee Gloves are hemmed with various styles of cuffs. This glove can be used for anything dealing with heavy duty work, such as; factory workers, steal workers, iron workers, and construction.





Expansion of Management/Administrative Team

In recent weeks, Brookville Glove decided to expand their Management/Administrative team due to high volume of business. We would like to welcome Rita to the management team as the Production Supervisor, the newly found position for the company.

Our Plant Manager, Dave Aaron, will be taking on more responsibilities in developing business with Outside Sales for new and existing clients, all the while making sure the plant runs smoothly and overseeing the progress and development of the plant at Brookville Glove.

We are excited about the changes we foresee happening and are ready to expand business even more in 2015!


Featured Product

Our featured glove this month is our Burly Bear, 69K Brand. The Burly Bear 69K is one of four in this brand. This particular glove has a different cuff than the other three Burly Bear Gloves we manufacture.  This glove can be used for farming, construction, welding and general labor.

This particular Burly Bear Glove is made in the USA out of American made 18 oz. gold and white cotton material. It is double palmed and has a 100% cotton liner with a knit wrist.

The Burly Bear 69K is made in Regular and X-Large sizes.




Reaching out to Ironworkers

Due to the popularity of one our most popular American Made Brand Glove, in the Ironworking Industry we have decided to expand our Ironworker database.

To further reach Ironworkers, we have expanded our marketing campaign and have decided to focus strictly on this type of industry work. Samples and descriptions of the Red Star 58KS have been provided to various companies in the Ironworking Industries.

If you’re welding, sheeting and rigging on a daily basis and would like to test a sample of our glove give us a call at 814.849.7334 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.



Earned a Gold Level Membership with Jefferson County Development Council

Brookville Glove Manufacturing Company received a Gold Level Membership of the Jefferson County Development Council, Inc. for being committed to the overall Economic Development of Jefferson County, PA.





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